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Zyliss- Ice-cream scoop
Stock: 1
Packed in: 1 day(s)

Shipping weight: 400 gram

19.90 CHF
(Approx. 22.80 USD | 20.05 EUR | 15.20 GBP)

Zyliss- Ice-cream scoop - Click to enlarge image
Click to enlarge image
Ice-cream scoop
Item 44021 - 44022

The sharp edges prevent the ice-cream scoop from slipping, making
perfectly formed scoops possible, even from deep-frozen ice cream.
The handle fits comfortably into the hand, force is transferred without
loss and the handle is insulated.

Zyliss provides a 5-year guarantee

Award winning design!

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Zyliss- Ice-cream scoop Zyliss- Ice-cream scoop
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