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Watches - Longines

longines watches

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Since its creation in 1832 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland, Longines has played a pioneering role in numerous technological breakthroughs while displaying its elegance around the world.

Longines made history in the world of sports by introducing in 1912 the principle of an electric wire, which at the start and finish of a race, activated and stopped the timing mechanism. It has since been appointed official timekeeper for many international sports events, including many winter and summer Olympic Games. Longines has also been associated with the history of aviation and navigation. It timed, for instance, Lindbergh’s first solo flight across the Atlantic Ocean and, subsequently developed the Hour Angle watch according to a design drawn by Lindbergh himself.

Always in the forefront of technological innovation, Longines launched its first wristwatch in 1905, the world’s thinnest electromagnetic watch in 1960 and the world’s first cybernetic, electronic quartz watch - the Longines Ultra-Quartz - in 1969. The following year, the brand was the first organization in the world to use alphanumeric display for television in connection with the retransmission of a World Cup downhill skiing race in St. Moritz, Switzerland. In 1979, Longines collaborated with other watch brands to develop the "Feuille d’Or", the world’s thinnest quartz watch and 1984 saw the birth of the famous Conquest VHP (Very High Precision).

All Longines watch lines offer a unique combination of precision and elegance, as stated in the company’s advertising campaign, "Elegance is an attitude". No wonder then that this campaign draws upon the charisma of two legendary film stars, Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart as well as of its other ambassadors.

If you like the Master Collection's Retro-style but want a watch sooner for a bit lower price take a look at ZEPPELIN-WATCH.COM

On request we can provide about 5-20% discount on some Longines watches. Just provide the Reference number (, we can tell you the price and get your watch within 2-8 weeks usually.

Full Warranty 3 years from SWISSMADE.COM - note that some watches we sell have no stamp from an official local dealer (but always a serial number and all original papers). International warranty might be not valid then (they want to protect their official retailers and 'prevent' internet sales like that).  The advantage is : Our qualified watchmaker services your watch much faster - and in cases which are not included in warranty you have to pay only little money. Also when you can bring your watch locally for warranty repair it will be shipped back to Switzerland anyway. The entire process takes up to 8 months after our own and customers experiences. When sent to SWISSMADE.COM it's 2 months max.

Full collection see LONGINES.COM

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